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Motion Films handles only a limited number of weddings each year. This allows us to cater to the needs of clients looking for a cinematic and entertaining Wedding Video experience.


Your wedding is a special event in your life. So you should have only the best-quality services to offer you peace of mind. When you hire us, that’s exactly what you get—high-quality services, attention to detail, and a commitment to hassle-free delivery. We are a cinematography studio that undertakes only a limited number of assignments in a year so that we can give each the undivided attention it deserves. So book with us early to avoid disappointment!

Wedding Services

We help you make your wedding day more special and memorable with our wide range of wedding services. We ensure that we collaborate with our clients, develop and capture ideas that surpass their expectations.

Wedding Day Coverage

You have probably been waiting for your big day since you were old enough to dream about it. And now, we’re here to turn that dream into a reality!

We are a group of professional cinematographers who have graduated from film schools and know how to make the best use of sophisticated shooting equipment. We upgrade our shooting and editing equipment and software every year so that we can create for you high-quality wedding films where the moments that matter are captured in all their glory and tenderness.

Feature Films

The feature film is a shorter version of your wedding day video. It contains snippets of events from your special day—that exact moment when groom sees the bride for the first time, the ceremony that joined your hearts and souls for the rest of your lives, the heartfelt toast from your best friend, or other such precious moments that make a wedding event special.

We carefully select such special events from your full wedding day coverage, shorten them in duration, and intertwine them together into a feature film. We add different special effects to suit the mood of every event—from the tenderly touching to the outrageously funny. Our feature film is your wedding day in a gist, but be assured that it will capture all the emotions, atmosphere and energy of that day.


No fantastic and marvelous movie is complete without a terrific trailer. The highlight film is the perfect prelude to your wedding film.

Think of all the marvelous trailers that flash on your television or movie theatre and creates that desire to immediately watch movie right then and there. Our trailer is also one such attractive package that will offer sneak peeks into the events from your wedding day. The trailer would entice the audience and set an expectation that would be surpassed with flying colors. The trailer film will about 3-5 minutes long, but it will contain all the excitement and emotions from your special day to make anyone watching it reach out for the wedding film.

We also shoot in 4k or 5k frames should you request so. Our wedding day services start from $3,200. Please call us if you want to know more.

Exclusive Wedding Services

Remember sighing when you saw those movie weddings and wishing you too had a cinematographer to lend that dream-like and fairytale aura to your special day? We turn your dream into reality. Our exclusive wedding services capture the romance, elegance, and excitement of the most special event in your life to turn it into a memorable day.

Our exclusive wedding services package includes everything from our regular wedding services package.

Love Story

Your Love Story is a photographic journey of your lives—from your respective childhoods to the moment you met to the day your lives became one. The video will consist of footage and photo montage of the days from your childhood and the special moments you have spent with one another accompanied by the music of your choice. You can share this video with your guests on your wedding reception and take them on an emotional journey that will captivate them for the rest of their precious lives.

Destination Weddings

We specialize in providing destination wedding services and also offer consultation over Skype. Whether you want a beach wedding in sunny Hawaii or are dreaming of getting married in a fort in scenic Rajasthan, we can provide the services to make your dream come true. We offer destination wedding services in various locations throughout the world—North America, Hawaii, Canada, Latin American countries such as Brazil and Mexico (Cabo San Lucas), Europe, and Asia. We also book for wedding ceremonies in India.

Let us take you out for a coffee!

We can’t wait to hear from you! Please share with us a bit about yourselves and your wedding plans in the form below. Once we receive your email we’ll happily send you more detailed info about our offerings.

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