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Dheere Dheere Se…

01 Sep Dheere Dheere Se…

“She reminded Him of Happiness. He reminded Her of Home; Together, they were Happy at Home”

Utilizing Knight’s song “Dheere Dheere Se”, Motion Films was able to set the stage for the memorable moments of Aman and Rameeta’s wedding events. Let the song sway you away as you watch each segment is full of energy, laughter and emotions.

Motion Films received the opportunity to capture Aman and Rameeta’s love story become official. This beautiful couple was able to provide us with candid shots that were more then aesthetically pleasing.

Motion films was able to incorporate many of the moments that touched not only the beautiful groom and bride, but each family member. For example Motion Films collaborated with the Bride’s mother to grasp the audience with her heartfelt message to her loving daughter. That not only left an effect on the crew of Motion Films but it displays the love that both these families share.

Now that Aman and Rameeta’s love has become intertwined, we at Motion Films wish the couple all the best in their future endeavors as husband and wife.

We hope our audience become enchanted with the highlights of this short film. Take a look and become mesmerized from the first ever glance of Aman and Rameeta’s love story.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share how you feel.

Photography: JD Photo Studios
Hair/Makeup: Studio Elan
Mehndi: Kelly Kaur Henna Designs
Wedding Decor: Charming Affairs

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